Cedar Woman

Carole Meade

Clive, Iowa  50325



About Carole

As a child I spent many hours each day in nature.  Even today, my day does not feel complete until I have spent some time with the Nature Spirits.  I believe that there are two sources of spirit power: nature (physical) and the spirit world (dream time and non-ordinary reality).  It is the spirits that facilitate spirit power.  Therefore, people need to get to know some spirit helpers and to develop good relationships with them.  One of a Shamanic Teacher's most important functions is to teach people spiritual social skills, so their souls can be filled with spirit power - the more the better.   

I was given the name of Cedar Woman during a naming ceremony from an Ojibwe woman in Canada.

I have been practicing and learning about living life in a shamanic way for 20 years.

"We think we are human beings having a spiritual expereince, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience"