Cedar Woman

Carole Meade

Clive, Iowa  50325



​Shamanic Journeying Classes 2024 

If you have questions about a class, please contact me at 515-279-9625 or cedarwmn@aol.com. 

I am teaching one Beginning Shamanic Journeying class in 2024.

Two shamanic practitioners are also teaching the Beginning Class:

Jim Curtis     Healing @whispersherbal.com     515-288-1366

Betty Young    shamanichealingofames@gmail.com


            Advanced Shamanic Healing Classes      Des Moines locations      

The  prerequisite for these classes is completing a Beginning Journeying class and a good working relationship with your spirit guides and helpers.  

To register for these classes,  please contact me at 515-279-9625 or cedarwmn@aol.com.

I will be posting my 2024 class schedule soon.  Please check back

   When we first breathe air on this Earth,  we combine three deeply rooted

and complicated sources of energy: 

the energy of our spiritual self/ our soul and the energy of our physical self, our body and it's DNA

and third, our intention for this lifetime. 

These energy sources connect us to the long distant energy of our ancestors.  

Some of these old energy patterns are shifting and transmuting at this time.  The classes I will teach in 2024  are in support of building and reinforcing our connection with spirit and nourishing and healing our  ourselves.

Our soul energy may carry tangled energy from a past life that requires healing also.