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I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and offer CEU credits to therapists and social workers.

 Beginning Shamanic Journeying Class         One day class

         Cost $100        Hours: 9 to 5   

  2019 Dates:    October 12

In our modern-day technological world we have been led to believe that what we see, touch, hear, smell and taste is all that exists.  Conversely,  shamanism teaches us that there are doorways to other realms of reality where helping spirits reside who will share wisdom, guidance, insight and healing for us and the world in which we live.  In this class you will learn the skills for completing a shamanic journey to non ordinary reality where you will meet spirit helpers.

To register for this class,  please contact me at 515-279-9625 or

I will teach a Beginning Class in your location if you can guarantee me 10 students for the class.

            Advanced Shamanic Healing Classes      Des Moines locations      

Theprerequisite for these classes is completing a Beginning Journeying class and a good working relationship with your spirit guides and helpers.  

To register for these classes,  please contact me at 515-279-9625 or​​​

Curse Unraveling

May 18,  9 to 5       Cost $150     7 CEUS

The concept of the curse has been a part of our knowledge and language since the beginning of recorded time.  In the past people understood the the power of thought forms and the curse.   Those who live in Western Culture often deny and discount that these forms of negative energy exist.  In this class you will learn the tools and process for unraveling curses and negative thought forms by aligning with powerful allies, tracking curses and other negative thought forms, by learning techniques for deconstructing them, how to clear negative ancestral life patterns and to learn self care and client care as you do this work.

Life Death and the Unquiet Dead

July 26-27    Friday 6 to 9  and Saturday 9 to 5        Cost $180       10 CEUs

A shamanic practitioner works with healing both the living and the souls of those who have died as time is circular not linear.  In this class you will learn about life and death from the shamanic perspective.  This work is called psychopomp in traditional cultures which means the escort or leader of souls.  You will learn about filling yourself with power as you do this work, navigating the middle world,. communicating with ancestors, meeting psychopomp spirit guides, helping lost souls and suffering beings to cross to the light and the meaning of near death experiences

Northern European Shamanism

October 26     Saturday 9 to 5       Cost $150       7 CEUs

This form of shamanism has been practiced for thousands of years.  It has recently experienced a renaissance internationally.  This practice evolved in primarily Scandinavian countries where the journeyers are carried by song to enter and return from journey space.  In this class you will also learn to make, empower and use a Seidr (pronounced Say-th).  The Seidr is a Norse shamanic staff which is connected to the world tree that connects the journeyer to the guides from this tradition.

Mask Making and Shamanic Ceremony 

November 2019  Date to be announced soon.   Friday night and Saturday   Cost $180

In traditional cultures, masks are an important part of the spiritual life of the community.  Wearing a spiritually empowered mask is honoring the spiritual power of your connection to the web of life.  In this workshop you will

make a mask, empower ti and wear it in a divination ceremony.    

Cedar Woman

Carole Meade

Clive, Iowa  50325