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What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing practices are over 100,000 years old and are still practiced world wide by indigenous people and others who are called to this work.  The oldest known burial of a Shaman is a female shaman buried in Eastern Europe over 60,000 years ago.  Sometimes known as spirit doctors or medicine healers, shamanic healers view illness as disharmony in a person's life on a spiritual/energy level.  This disharmony can lead to mental, emotional and/or physical illness if it is left unresolved.

A Shamanic healer addresses the spiritual aspects of illness by making journeys outside of time and space into what is called "non-ordinary reality", a universe parallel to our own.  While there, the Shamanic healer meets with spirit helpers in the form of animals or human teachers.  These compassionate helping spirits perform the healing work with the shamanic healer acting as a bridge, conduit or "hollow bone" to transport the healing to this reality.  The healing often restores balance.

Shamanic healing may include retrieval of a lost soul essence, recovery of lost power/energy,  removal of misplaced energy, soul remembering, helping souls to cross after death, ‚Äčcurse unraveling and compassionate depossession.   Each Shamanic healing is unique.  My work is spirit directed, so my first question to the spirit guides is, " What healing is best for this person at this time?" 

I am located near Des Moines, Iowa.  To schedule an individual session, please contact me by phone or e-mail.   Phone is 515-279-9625 and e-mail is cedarwmn@aol.com.   The cost per session is $75.