Cedar Woman

Carole Meade

Clive, Iowa  50325



Shamanic Healing Workshops 

I have been studying and practicing shamanism since 1994.  When I took my first Shamanic Journeying class, I remember feeling as if I now had a language and a context for something I had been doing my entire life.  In the past 25 years, I have studied with many teachers, including Sandra Ingerman's Two Year Teacher Training and Betsy Bergstrom's Two Year Wheel of Life Training and classes taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  I teach the classes listed below. I offer continuing education credits for LMHC and Social Workers.

Beginning Shamanic Journeying,  Partnering with Compassionate Helping Spirits

This is the workshop where students learn the basics of shamanic journeying to non ordinary reality to meet with spirit guides and helpers.  This workshop is a required before you may register for the Advanced Classes.

Advanced Classes​  

I teach the following advanced classes:

    Healing with Spiritual Light                       Soul Retrieval

    Energy Extraction                                        Divination

    Life, Death and the Unquiet Dead              Seidr Journey Work (Northern European Shamanism)

    Mediumship                                                  Curse Unraveling

    Medicine for the Earth                                Two Year Shamanic Healing Internship                                                              Mask Making and Ceremony    


 I will travel to teach a workshop in your area if you will guarantee 10 students will register for the class.  Please contact me for a detailed description of my class content.