Cedar Woman

Carole Meade

Clive, Iowa  50325



 Year Shamanic Healing Program

I am in the process of updating this program. Please check back to see the new ideas.

This program provides training akin to an apprenticeship, for those who have a desire to heal themselves, others and the Earth through the practice of Shamanism.  We will work in community to dream a new world into being. The focus of this program is building a strong personal and community commitment to living and healing in a shamanic way.  

Classes may include: 
Healing with spiritual light;  Working with nature spirits;  Seidr work(staff); Energy extraction;            
Working with dreams;  Mediumship; Death and Dying; Soul retrieval;
Mask making; Curse Unraveling & ‚ÄčEthical considerations Working with the Hidden Folk Working with weather spirits

Note:  Completion of a beginning shamanic journeying class is required before taking advanced classes.  A strong working relationship with spirit guides is essential for this work.